Top 5 financial podcasts – My favorites

A couple of years ago, my husband and I decided that we were going to have to make some dramatic changes if we were going to get our financial lives together, a goal we are still working on. But we needed schoolin’…So we turned to the internet and looked for financial advice on how to get out of debt.

After I stumbled upon the personal finance blog scene, I began looking into other ways to learn about all things personal finance. Since I have a long commute, I did some research into podcasts that I could listen to on my way to and from work. I came across a few that I really enjoyed and continue to listen to today.

There are couple of things that I look for in a podcast. One, I like lots of interviews. Personal finance is such a broad topic, and there are a ton of different ways to succeed. Hearing about the different ways others achieved financial independence, either by starting their own side business or making smart investments, is important for me to stay motivated. I even like hearing about how people have failed in their finances. The financial independence world seems more relatable when I hear about a blogger who had issues with saving money or struggled with student loan debt. Two, I prefer podcasts that have at least a second person to talk to when they aren’t interviewing someone. It feels weird to me when a single person just talks. Don’t know why.

Top 5 personal finance podcasts that I listen to the most. Learn about retirement, 401k, saving money, paying off debt, etc.
A list of my favorite podcasts that talk about personal finance and financial independence.

Here is a list of my favorite personal finance podcasts in no particular order:

Martinis and Your Money – check it out here.

I’ve been listening to Martinis and Your Money for about a year now. Shannon McLay has interesting guests including other entrepenuaers, bloggers, and authors. A couple of months ago, she had a guest who talked about her delicious-sounding custom cake business and some of the challenges she faced spinning her business up. This one really sticks out in my mind…probably because it was about cake AND money. Also, about once a month, Martinis and Your Money features a Happy Hour episode which includes other financial independence bloggers. I love these episodes! Very entertaining on my long commute to work. I wish Happy Hour was featured more often.

The Mad Fientist – check it out here.

The Mad Fientist is a classic and was probably the first financial podcast I listened to. I think I blasted through all of his episodes in a few months. There is usually quite a chunk of time between episodes although they are worth the wait. He never fails to score sweet interviews with amazing guests. Plus, he’s technically already retired from the rat race, so its nice to hear from someone who has actually achieved this early retirement thing.

Mo’ Money Podcast – check it out here

I accidentally stumbled across Canadian-based, Jessica Moorhouse’s podcast after I had binged on my regular podcasts and ran out of episodes. I am so glad I did. I learned about the second hand economy, side hustles, and other money saving techniques. She’s cheerful and upbeat which makes her episodes very not boring (important on a long commute), and she usually introduces guests I’ve never heard of before. There are a few podcast/blogs I’ve started following after listening to their interviews on her show.

The Money Guy Show – check it out here

These guys are honest-to-goodness professional accountants and investment advisors based in Nashville. I enjoy listening to their thoughts on investment funds, retirement, taxes, etc. They have educated me! Totally learned some stuff I never would have otherwise. For example, you can actually invest in an IRA in 2018 and have it count towards your 2017 taxes up until Tax Day. I had no idea! Both Brian and Bo offer insightful personal finance advice, all served with a southern drawl, ya’ll.

Millennial Money Minutes – Check it out here and here.

This podcast is interesting because its quick and easy, and features 2 personal finance bloggers in one podcast. Grant and Matt offer personal finance advice in episodes that are 5 minutes or less with the occasional 20 minute episode. They typically talk about everything personal finance related like what is minimalism to how to get a raise at work. Not the kind of podcast I usually listen to and at first, I had to get used to their format. I’m glad I did. I have to save them up so I can binge-listen during my commute.

These are just a few that I listen to, but easily the ones I listen to the most. What about you? Do you have favorite podcasts that you listen to regularly? What do you like about them?

2 thoughts on “Top 5 financial podcasts – My favorites”

  1. Thank you SO much for listening to my podcast and mentioning it on your list! I too wish there were more Happy Hour episodes, but it’s actually a miracle that we can get the four of us together at least once a month. We are on our 30th Happy Hour and I love those ladies more and more. Cheers!

    1. The Happy Hour episodes are hilarious! You have a great group, and I look forward to listening to you guys each month. Also, I am in the middle of listening to “Earn More Money in Your Job”…awesome stuff!

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