How far are you willing to go to save money?

There are tons of blogs out there that give advice on how to save money. With some noted exceptions, the advice is sometimes the same. Cut out cable, don’t buy Starbucks, and eating out is for rich people. This is good advice! No one really needs TV (although, I’m totally going to watch Netflix later). Making my own coffee is easier on the wallet, and probably less sugar-y. But to be completely honest, I’m probably too lazy to cut out restaurants completely. I hate cooking, and I love food.

For me, it’s easy to listen to advice like this, but much harder to implement. To make things worse, when I actively TRY to do what I am supposed to like cutting back on restaurants, I see a positive change in my bank account but its SMALL! I am not a patient person. I like to see quick results. Otherwise, whatever I’m doing feels like a waste of time.

Which leads me to my question…What are you willing to do to save money or cut back on spending? I’m not talking illegal stuff here, but more dramatic changes for dramatic results. Something that is faster than just cutting back on coffee to save a couple of bucks a day… Something maybe a little crazy….

Mr. Cents and I have been thinking about this. We talk about our debt, and what we could do to get rid of it. There are multiple potential plans of actions, but, for the most part, we always come back to our house.

When we moved to Texas, we bought a really nice place. The housing prices here were so amazingly cheap compared to the east coast, and due to moving constraints, we needed a house very quickly. Renting proved to be difficult so we bought a brand new house in a new development. To be honest, we should have bought something smaller. Now, we have a much better idea of the area and are considering moving out.

One of the ideas we have it to purchase a couple of acres outside of town and put an RV or a trailer on it. Maybe even a tiny house! Property is cheap here, and there are some tax benefits to owning property outside of the city limits. Plus, reducing the size of our house will reduce all of our house related expenses like electric and water.

Serendipitously, this post was added to a blog I started following recently, Making Sense of Cents. I don’t remember how I found them but I’m pretty sure I saw them on Twitter. This couple travels around the US in an RV, and in this particular post, they interviewed another couple who was doing the same thing. Oh man! People have actually done something similar, and it worked. This might be a legit idea!

The biggest constraint on this is all of our crap. We have a lot of stuff. SOOO MUCH STUFF. I never notice it until we move or we come up with hair-brained schemes like this. We would have to dramatically downsize. The thought is both terrifying and liberating. Even if we decide the RV idea isn’t feasible, just getting rid of all of the clutter could earn us some extra side cash and could open up opportunities to just downsize our house.

Is this something that we should actually consider? Is living in an RV or trailer even doable? How far are you willing to go to save money and pay off debt?

2 thoughts on “How far are you willing to go to save money?”

  1. We absolutely love RV life. We didn’t do it to save money, we did it for our love of travel and our love of exploring new places (and new restaurants). We downsized from a large house to our RV – it’s definitely possible 🙂

    1. Sweet! Thanks for the comment! Love your blog! Did you find it difficult to downsize? I get weirdly emotional about getting rid of stuff. Happens EVERYTIME we move.

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