Why moving to Texas was an awesome idea


Today is glorious. I’m sitting in my living room with all of the windows open. The fresh air is rolling in, and the birds are chirping outside.

Spring is my favorite time of the year. Its nice and sunny out, but temperatures haven’t sky-rocketed. Texas springs start earlier in the year so the blue bonnets have already started to bloom…. All while my east coast friends were talking about the snow they got a couple of weeks ago.

Feels amazing outside right now. My tune will change in August.


Why we moved…

We’ve been in Texas for a little over a year now. I miss my friends and my family a lot, but we moved to Texas with a purpose. We wanted to lower our cost of living so we could pay off debt faster. I had job opportunities in different states, but we decided that Texas was the place for us. Here are a few of the reasons why moving to Texas was such an awesome idea:

  • We lowered our taxes. Texas is one of the few states that doesn’t have any state income tax so we save thousands of dollars a year on income taxes alone. Our property tax is technically higher than our east coast state, but the properties aren’t worth as much here so we broke even on property tax.

  • Housing is cheaper. The house we bought here was significantly cheaper than an equivalent home on the east coast. I’m not sure about the numbers, but I do know that our current home was around 40% cheaper than our last home. We SHOULD have purchased a smaller/cheaper home in Texas to be honest. They do exist! Our original plan was to rent for a while to give us time to shop around, but we found the rental market to be competitive and more expensive than buying.
  • Utilities are CHEAP! Part of this is because utilities are just cheaper here  …Part of this is because our home is well insulated. Regardless, even in the stupid hot temperatures of a Texas summer, our electric bill is a quarter of what it was before we moved.

Just a couple of Cons…

A couple of our expenses have increased. We spend more money on gas. We both commute to work so we spend a lot more time in our cars. Gas is cheaper here, but not enough to offset the increase in driving. This is something that we would like to change in the future. We also pay for water here (our last home had well water). Still, both of these costs are small compared to the overall decrease in our monthly expenses.

Still happy with our decision

At the end of the day, I’m happy we moved. My rough estimate is that we’ve saved about $1000-$1400 a month by lowering our cost of living. Now, I get that moving to a new state may not be feasible for everyone for many reasons. But for us, this move was perfect. So far, we’ve paid off one car and are about to pay off the second. The student loans are next.

How about you? Would you consider moving to a new state to pay off debt faster?

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