How I got $66 worth of brand name cosmetics for less than $45

Cosmetics are a weak spot for me. I love makeup. I love walking into a Sephora or Ulta and looking at all of the new eye shadows or lipsticks that have been released. However, cosmetics shopping and saving money rarely go hand-in-hand. After all, I don’t really NEED new blush or eye liner. But they make me more confident and ready to face the day!

use ebates and raise to buy cosmetics or makeup online for less! easy ways to save money
Use these websites and techniques to save money buying cosmetics online

Luxury cosmetics never seem to go on sale so when I find a way to save some cash buying my normal products, I jump on it. I recently discovered that Macy’s website offers free shipping for cosmetics purchases! This prevents the usual buying something just to meet the minimum $50 purchase to get the free shipping (Admit it! We’ve all done it). So I started browsing, found a few things that I wanted, and check it out! I ended up buying a Lancome Tient Idole Foundation stick and Benefit Gimme Brow Fiber Gel for a grand total of $44.81.

Here’s how I did it:

  • Went to to scope out the prices of what I wanted to buy. I saw that my normal $42 Lancome foundation and $24 brow gel was on sale! YIPEE!
  • In another tab, I went to through Ebates. I bought a $50 for $36.97.

Original price $46.97-$10.00 (one-time coupon code off for being a new customer) = $36.97

  • I went to through Ebates and applied the 15% off code advertised (coupon code “VIP”). Browsed and added the foundation and brow gel to my cart.

Original prices were $66 – $9.90 (15% off coupon) = $56.10. However, they did add $3.79 for sale tax which brought my total to $59.89.

  • I used my $50 gift card from, which left me paying for $9.89 out of pocket. (Used a credit card with rewards points but I don’t know how to calculate that kind of savings so I’m not counting it.)
  • Because I went to and though Ebates, I got another $2.05 off. After all of the discounts and coupons were applied, I got $66 worth of makeup for $44.81. Not bad considering my foundation is normally $42.

$36.97 (for Macy’s gift card from + $9.89 (Cart total at = $46.86

$46.86 -$2.05 in Ebates discounts ($1.68 for and another $0.37 for  = $44.81

Not bad! I almost got a free gift too, but just HAPPENED to run out of them while I was shopping. Figures. Still pretty happy about this. I’m going to use Raise for discount gift cards again. Have you used Raise or Ebates before?

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