Why I love Ebates…

Saving Money on Online Shopping

I LOVE online shopping. No struggle to find parking, no crowds, no waiting in line…. During the holidays, I ONLY shop online. Not even Black Friday deals can entice me. No sir, I will stay warm and cozy in my bed while everyone else can throw elbows in the aisles of a department store.

Even during the rest of the year, I find myself gravitating towards online shopping more and more. Its easy to compare prices on multiple websites, and sometimes the deals are pretty sweet compared to what I can find in a box store.

Use ebates to save money shopping online
Ebates is one of my favorite tools to save money shopping online


Just a few months ago, I discovered Ebates. Ebates has been around for a while, but its quickly become one of my favorite apps. I use it constantly! I remember reading about it and thinking it was fake. I was wrong. So far, I’ve saved around $100 just by doing my regular online shopping.

How to Use Ebates

Ebates is a shopping portal. First, create an account on Ebates’ site. From either their website or the app, search for the retail store you want to shop at (ex. jcpenney, ulta, groupon etc). Click on the “Shop Now” button, and Ebates will send you to the retailers webpage. Shop like normal! Ebates gets a commission from the retailer for bringing you to their site, and they share it with you! Most of the rebates are probably 1-6% (a few are higher). Every three months, they will either mail you a check or upload your rebates to your paypal account.

If you keep forgetting to use the app (it happens), you can also download the Ebates “button” for your browser. If you go to a site where Ebates offers cash back, it will alert you and offer to activate the rebate. Also, Ebates will show you all of the current coupons that the retailer is offering. Very cool.

In-Store Savings

If you don’t want to shop online, there are a few retailers that offer in-store cash back options. You will have to upload your credit card and link it to the offer in Ebates. I haven’t tried this option yet, because the in-store options are limited.

Just a Few Issues

I have two complaints about Ebates. My biggest issue is that the Amazon.com deals are a little lacking! I do a lot of shopping on Amazon so it kinda sucks that there aren’t more options available. This is probably because Amazon doesn’t need help getting suckers like me to use their site. Secondly, the rebates checks are done QUARTERLY which means I have to wait a while to see my cash-back pop-up in paypal.

Bottom line, this app/web portal will definitely save you money when shopping online. I joined about 9 months ago, and I’ve saved over $200. If you want to try Ebates, click here.

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